The failure of mainstream media was massive on all levels and they continue on the path of bias and failure

The way media behaved before the election was like living in the book 1984.

Trump was bad and every mistake by him was magnified 100 times while at the same time Joe Biden got nothing but positive coverage and Biden’s real promises like lockdown in the whole of USA due to Covid if an “expert” recommends it to him (like Fauci has demanded until end of the winter previously) were hidden and Joe Biden promised amnesty and US citizenship to all ILLEGAL immigrants who number 29.5 million according to MIT-Yale study from 2018 and media did NOT even notice this PROMISE by Biden despite this being an insane promise that would attract tens of millions of new ILLEGAL immigrants to USA to try to get into this Biden amnesty by claiming to have been in USA for years or coming to USA to wait for the next amnesty while doing the low wage jobs many current ILLEGAL immigrants would no longer be interested in doing after they got amnesty and US citizenship and with that access to all entitlements Americans get like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP foodstamps (EBT), Section-8 housing, state welfare systems, state unemployment systems, federal tax credits.

This access to everything Americans get for 29.5 million new Americans created by giving amnesty and US citizenship to ILLEGAL immigrants would create such high demand for the entitlements and benefits that there would be massive cuts in all of these programs and this would hurt poor white, black and latino Americans and increase homelessness among Americans.

The wages for Americans especially in the working class would drop and unemployment would rise and everything Trump achieved by lowering ILLEGAL immigration like lowest unemployment in history for blacks, latinos, women and whites with just high school diploma and the wage increases of 5% per year for lowest earners would be reversed and USA would return to wages dropping or 0% wage growth like was the standard under Obama.

Media even gleefully LIED, LIED and LIED about Trump and created the “fine people on both sides” LIE through deceptive editing and clipping a short clip of a much longer answer where Trump clearly CONDEMNED white supremacists, neo-nazis and KKK and then media played that short clip and had Democrat Pundits and Trump hating media “journalists” in the studio to reinforce the lie and comedians became the amplifiers by repeating this LIE to the huge group of people who do NOT follow the news and get it from Comedy programs and Facebook and Twitter had NO fact-checking on Facebook and Twitter accounts spreading that LIE and no “this claim is disputed” marks for people spreading LIES about Trump on Social Media.

Even Fox News was in on the LIE, LIE, LIE train and had many personalities gleefully attacking Trump and spreading LIES during daytime programming and Fox’s Chris Wallace even spread the same LIE even in the first debate and Trump was not prepared for that and did not use that moment to publicly condemn media and Fox News and Chris Wallace for spreading a LIE.

Joe Biden had memorized lines written to him about “veins bulging” and kept up the LIE about “fine people on both sides” that he had launched his campaign on and media allowed Joe Biden to LIE, LIE, LIE and media created an atmosphere together with Democrats where crazed Antifa communists, marxists and socialists felt entitled and righteous while beating up and attacking Trump supporters with many media brainwashed BLM activists joining in and sucker-punching and stomping Trump supporters and Washington DC police turned Trump supporters towards Antifa thugs and BLM thugs while Antifa thugs in helmets and faces covered were standing near the police with no attempt by the police to control them and DC police allowed Trump supporters to be beaten.

DC police (at least part of them) became part of Antifa and BLM thugs in the aftermath of the Trump March in Washington DC and failed in such a way that many of them would be fired immediately for similar behavior in many European countries. Maybe these police are just AFRAID of having the same fate that police in Portland have had with Antifa spreading their home addresses and encouraging Antifa members to attack the homes of police officers who dared to arrest rioting Antifa members and some police officers having their homes attacked by Antifa or maybe those DC police that failed Trump supporters have just been brainwashed along with many other people in such a way that they think Trump supporters deserve to be beat up and attacked by Antifa and BLM just for supporting Trump.

The way mainstream media has DEHUMANIZED Trump supporters for years is the same kind of DEHUMANIZATION that has always preceded catastrophes like Rwandan Civil war and Rwandan Genocide and the mainstream media in USA is almost at the level of Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines in Rwanda which was the main instigator of Rwandan civil war and Rwandan genocide after radio broadcasts day after day DEHUMANIZING the other side and accusing the other side of everything bad under the sun and making up LIES and encouraging violence first tacitly and then overtly against those that RTLM considered as not being even human in the end.

Joe Biden called for “unity” after attacking Trump and Trump supporters during his whole campaign and after Democrats have spent 4 years saying that Trump is an “illegitimate” president and continuing massive witch hunts based on bogus Hillary Clinton ordered and paid Steele Dossier that was the basis for the total NSA surveillance of Trump campaign through Carter Page because FBI had access through the NSA database to everyone who had contacted Carter Page and everyone who had contacted somebody who contacted Carter Page after FBI lied to the FISA court and this total surveillance was continued even after Trump became president on Jan 20th 2017 with FBI continuing to LIE to FISA court and getting renewals and then Mueller Special Counsel started their work of harassing everyone around Trump hoping somebody would LIE about Trump to save themselves from the dirty tactics Weissman used while Mueller was the figure head barely aware what was being done in his Special Counsel investigation and when Mueller special Counsel found no collusion it was time for a hearsay whistleblower and the Ukraine impeachment that took all the energy in Washington DC when USA should have been preparing for Covid.

Unity would be nice but the call for unity would be at least a little bit believable IF both Biden and Harris would NOT have been silent when Trump supporters were being beaten up and attacked by Antifa and BLM extremists in Washington DC.

Joe Biden could start healing in the country if he ends up becoming the president despite lots of election irregularities and instances that look like election fraud IF Joe Biden would say publicly that he supports declaring Antifa a terrorist organization and hopes Trump does that NOW (instead of tweeting about it) and DOJ instructs under Barr that FBI must start arresting Antifa leadership and those who attack police and Trump supporters and each and everyone of them will get Federal charges (so no way for far-left D.A.’s to keep releasing Antifa terrorists and dropping charges night after night like has happened in Portland and elsewhere) and Joe Biden says that he will continue locking up Antifa members and declares Antifa has NO place in the Democrat Party and anybody among Democrats who supports Antifa or says insanities like “antifa is just a myth” or “antifa is just an idea” will be completely sidelined in the Democrat party and Biden will make sure they receive NO committee memberships or leadership positions and Americans must unite in crushing Antifa terrorists.

There were many other LIES about Trump and his supporters that media made up out of nothing but that is maybe another blog post in the future.

Fact-checking sites and Fact Checks by media companies were turned into amplifiers of the LIES media told and people believed those completely bogus factchecks because “hey, it is a factcheck, it must be true”

Polls were off by 10-17% compared to the election result and blue wave met a red beach and there were ZERO house pickups for Democrats and instead they lost 12 house seats and counting and Republicans kept the Senate for now.

Joe Biden has NONE of the Charisma Obama had in 2008 and Joe Biden’s policies are controlled by Wall Street and lobbyists and socialists among Democrats and still people are expected to believe he got about 10 million votes more than Obama.

This is on it’s face unbelievable and the red flags about election fraud by Democrat machine and Democrat operatives are so many that this blog will publish many, some of which have not yet been widely noticed and which media should have published and looked into if the journalists in USA would even know what journalism is.

Journalism is NOT taking the first answer from a possibly corrupt official and then claiming that is the absolute truth and everything else is just a lie or misinformation.

If you want to help please look through everything yourself and STOP relying on Google alone when doing searches because Google search results have become highly edited during the last year and Google is now a “search chamber” where you can only find “media echo chamber” news listed highly and the search results are completely BIASED when comparing the kinds of results one gets when searching for Biden and when searching for Trump and the same is true for Democrats vs Republicans.

If you find what I write worth reading then please share what I write as widely as possible.

There are no ads on this site for now because I do this only because I love free speech and because I value what USA was before Democrats all went toward insanity and socialism and started accepting Antifa and BLM to be the extensions of Democrat Party and media, social media and search results and polls all turned into leftist brainwashing instead of search for truth and marketplace of different ideas competing against each other on merits of those ideas.

If you are a conservative, libertarian, republican, Trump supporter or a Democrat who still believes in what Democrats used to be then please continue posting on Twitter and Facebook but also join Parler and make Parler the place where you post first and then post the same on Twitter and Facebook so Parler becomes the dominant social media and Facebook and Twitter are forced to wake up and remove leftist extremists from positions of power that are now using that power to allow the DEHUMANIZATION of Republicans and Trump supporters and use censorship and shadowbans to limit the reach of Republican, Conservative and Trumpist ideas and spread groupthink about issues mainly based on what Democrats and mainstream media think which is similar to brainwashing.

My parler is @factcheckreview