How to secure elections

The current election system in USA is totally BROKEN. There are too many opportunities for election fraud and especially in absentee ballots (and even more in mail-in ballots and still more in automatic mail-in ballots). These opportunities for election fraud need to be removed.

The way certain Democrat lawyers travel from state to state suing States and secretaries of State and election officials on behalf of Democrats or Democrat controlled “non-partisan” organizations with the lawyers and Democrats goal being making elections less secure and enabling election fraud more easily is a disgrace.

Before 2020 elections there was a concerted effort by Democrats and their lawyers and Democrat controlled “non-partisan” organizations to remove signature verification of absentee ballots and get as many ballots sent as loosely as possible all around.

The sad fact is that if the Secretary of State was a Democrat just a pending lawsuit was enough for the removal of signature verification and even in Republican controlled states like Georgia characters like Mr. Raffensperger surrendered to a lawsuit and gutted and destroyed signature verification in order to appease Democrats.

One issue is also that in Republican legislature controlled states the safeguards put into law are NOT strong enough so Democrat Secretary of State and Democrat Governor can act however they want and in some states Republican legislatures actually made elections LESS secure by passing laws in 2019 or other recent years that enabled election fraud more easily.

What to do to make elections secure and prevent Democrats absentee ballot election fraud?

  1. Signatures on absentee ballot envelopes must be verified and compared to the signature on voter registration by election clerks and there must be Republican and Democrat observers sitting on the same table and able to closely look at the signature too and challenge it if needed. Current system where states like Pennsylvania do NO signature verifications AT ALL based on Democrat Secretary of States decision is INSANE and that states like AZ accept “cures” of signatures that do NOT match voter registration with just a voicemail message where a “voter” aka Democrat fraudster can call the voicemail and say the voter’s name whose absentee ballot they fraudulently requested using the registered voter’s registration and say some detail about the voter (which are available from data selling companies) and get the mismatching signature cured is INSANE and that states like Nevada have a call center where a “voter” aka Democrat fraudster can call and say the voter’s name and some detail and get the mismatching signature “cured” is INSANE and that state like Michigan has also totally gutted and destroyed their signature verification based on Democrat Secretary of States order is INSANE and that state like Georgia has agreed with Democrats that if the signature does NOT match voter registration signature then it will compared to the absentee ballot application signature which enables Democrat fraudsters to fraudulently apply and get absentee ballots and then the fraudulent applications signature is used for signature verification when the signature on the absentee ballot envelope does NOT match voter registration is INSANE.
  2. More secure signature verification needs to be WRITTEN into law with clear INSTRUCTIONS on what to and clear penalties on what happens if the law is broken so if somebody prevents an election observer from being able to observe the local police/sheriff need to ARREST the person who prevented the election observer from doing their work or the Sheriff/Police need to be charged with aiding and abetting election fraud. If somebody allows mismatching signatures through signature verification process they need to go to PRISON and only way to cure a mismatching signature must be either sending a signature that matches or sending a copy of ID and all “signature verification” voicemails, call centers and election officials doing signature verification through the phone need to be BANNED.
  3. To stop Democrats from fraudulently applying and getting absentee ballots sent to a different address than the registered voter’s address sending absentee ballots to any other address than the registered voter address (lots of states now allow this) needs to be BANNED unless the requester shows ID either in person or sends a copy.
  4. Sending absentee ballots widely “no excuse” style needs to be STOPPED and acts like Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger sending 6.9 million absentee ballot applications needs to be STOPPED. Likewise automatic mail-in ballots like in Nevada and mail-in ballots for everybody who requests like Pennsylvania need to be BANNED.
  5. Absentee ballot applications through email with NO signature like Arizona allows need to be STOPPED. To get absentee ballot there must be a REASON so “no excuse” absentee ballots must be STOPPED and the absentee ballot can only be sent to the address which voter has registered as their address while showing ID so the whole system of sending absentee ballots to another address than the registered voter address needs to be STOPPED and the absentee ballot application signature must be compared to the voter’s registration signature before absentee ballot is sent and permanent absentee ballot lists need to be cancelled.
  6. The current system where birthdate and last 4 digits of SSN or birthdate and driver’s license number is accepted as proof of identity and some states accept just birthdate and mothers maiden name or fathers name or birth state/country when requesting absentee ballots needs to be ended because these details are available from data companies that sell this data for almost everybody and it is the height of enabling absentee ballot election fraud that states like Nevada and Maricopa County in AZ accept these as proof of identity and “cure” absentee ballots with signatures that do NOT match voter registration signature with this data through phone, call center or voicemail.
  7. dead people and people who moved out of state need to be removed from voter lists and the election officials need to be made personally responsible if such names are NOT removed in a timely fashion within 30 days. 1000 dollar fine per dead person or moved out of state person in the voter lists and Secretaries of State have incentive to make sure that election officials remove names in a timely fashion.
  8. Those Democrats who committed large scale absentee ballot election fraud in the 2020 election need to be caught and sent to PRISON and states own criminal investigations and sheriffs and police need to do this if FBI and DOJ and AG Barr continue twiddling their thumbs like has happened so far.
  9. The way voting machines and tabulators and ballot counting is done in many states needs to change. Election observers need to have access ANYWHERE so no herding with metal fences 25 feet away, no keeping behind windows, no ejection for no reason, no harassment (if a ballot counter or poll worker harasses an election observer they need to be ARRESTED by local law enforcement and election observers access everywhere needs to be secured or the supervisor of the counting place needs to get 50k dollar personal fine per one instance of preventing election observers from working and that local law enforcement needs to lose all federal funding for the next 5 years if they do NOT arrest ballot counters and election officials and volunteers who harass election observers and prevent them from doing their sacred duty in a Democracy). Observers need to be able to be present for signature verification, counting, separation from envelopes, tabulation, duplication, ballot inspection when the intent of the voter is not clear.
  10. There needs to be a working chain of custody for everything and bans on photography and recording by election observers need to be removed.
  11. Number of received ballots and election day voters need to be published within 15 minutes of polls closing so no more situations where in Philly election bosses did NOT know and did NOT release received mail-in ballot totals and election day voter totals for at least 7 hours after polls had closed.
  12. The election system needs to move to a system where there is election day voting and 7 days of in-person early voting and 2 weeks for absentee ballots where the absentee ballot applicant had a reason to request absentee ballot.
  13. It is unbelievable that voting machine and tabulator companies use secret source code, have minimal testing by EAC accredited labs mostly concentrating on writing PDF’s with the same writing copied from another test and voting machine and software manufacturers get to pick the machine they send to be tested and can make patches before election and always use the excuse that it is a “de minimis” patch so it changes so little that it needs no checks at all. There must be open source code systems, full testing of voting machines and tabulators and random checks of voting machines and tabulators. The current system where Maricopa County is proud they tests their system by counting 8000 tests ballots is laughable. The tests need to much more through and Voting machine and tabulator manufacturer technicians must document everything they do and have OBSERVERS with technical knowledge following them all the time during election including polling, vote counting, all maintenance and after election instead of clueless bureaucrats letting them do whatever they want with no supervision.
  14. RLA’s aka Risk Limiting Audits are a JOKE since they count so few ballots that were cast that it shows nothing and proves nothing. Media reported breathlessly about Maricopa County’s “audit” and made it seem like everything was audited despite that “audit” counting by hand about 7500 ballots that were cast and being just 0.3% of the 2+ million ballots cast in Maricopa county. Risk Limiting audits need to be at least 25% of ballots and randomly chosen to have any value in finding problems.
  15. The issue of election fraud in Democrat machine dominated cities and counties needs to be taken seriously and there needs to be lots of supervision in places like Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee and Atlanta both from the state and from election observers and there needs to be clear procedures so if in the future Philly does NOT have number of absentee ballots received and election day voters for 7 hours after polls closed the state needs to inform Philly that all of their election officials are BARRED by state from working in Philly Elections for the next 20 years after that kind of failure which could have only happened because Philly was stuffing ballots and committing election fraud. And state needs to send agents to arrest and interrogate the officials immediately if it has been 2 hours and totals are not released. The at least 7 hour delay Philly had in 2020 is totally unacceptable and Pennsylvania should demand that ALL Philly election officials resign or there will be no state funding for the city for the next 4 years.
  16. When Democrat lawyers and Democrats and Democrat controlled “non-partisan” organizations bring lawsuits to try to make election fraud easier and elections less secure they need to be fought in court and taken to the Supreme Court if needed and NO destroying election security and enabling election fraud because of pending lawsuits like Democrat secretaries have done and NO idiotic and election security destroying and absentee ballot election fraud enabling “deals” with Democrats like Raffensperger made in Georgia.

Every fraudulent and illegal ballot is “voter suppression” for all those voters who casted their ballot legally and those Democrat lawyers running around USA from state to state throwing lawsuits around to try to destroy election security and enable election fraud need to be shown for the despicable charlatans that they are.

The only way Democracy can work is if elections are fair and free and what Democrats have done in 2020 by committing absentee ballot election fraud after they made that absentee ballot election fraud possible with lawsuits in many states should lead to EVERY American boycotting Democrats until they have stopped that practice and changed their leadership.