2700 votes found in Georgia, majority which were for Trump, have no record in the Dominion system, they were NEVER scanned.

The 2700 votes which were found in Georgia, large majority which were for Trump were NEVER scanned into Dominion system and the system had NO record of those votes. Dominion techs have found no trace of them and no reason why they were NOT counted and have been ordered by Dominion leadership to NOT comment on anything.

How many bundles of mostly Trump votes were left uncounted in Georgia and have been smuggled out of the counting places by Trump hating Democrat election workers?

The record keeping in Georgia is AWFUL and nobody knows how many votes were NEVER scanned and that just disappeared without contacting all the voters in Georgia and asking whether they voted and when they voted and how and then looking if their votes are registered or missing.

One IT professional/penetration tester thinks those dominion workers might be erasing all the records of votes for Trump that were NOT counted from the Dominion systems so the election fraud by Democrats is NOT revealed:

The election system in Georgia and many other states in USA is a TOTAL CLUSTERFUCK and there is no accountability, no working chain of custody, no auditing, source code is SECRET on all voting machines so NOBODY KNOWS what the voting machines and tabulators and other election systems actually do.

USA needs to return to all paper ballots or the voting systems need to be totally open source so there is no surprises in SECRET source code and proprietary voting software like now.

There are reports that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger has FORBIDDEN election officials from releasing the recount number and instead only the original numbers are released and this defeats the whole purpose of Raffenspergers FAILED and RUSHED audit and hand count which was FAULTY from the start in that there was 1 Republican observer per 10 vote counting tables on Raffensperger’s orders.

Why are FBI and DOJ not interrogating Raffensperger and other election officials in Georgia right NOW?

Lin Wood is receiving texts like this:

The hand recount and audit has been NEITHER. The whole process has been a FAILURE and Brad Raffensperger is a total and utter failure OR corrupt and in on the election Fraud. Please read my other posts about him and happenings in Georgia.

Here is the type of recount Georgia is having:

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and other leading Georgia election officials are either incompetent and hiding their own incompetence OR in on the election fraud by Democrats:

The recount in Georgia is CORRUPT:

Georgia needs an actual HONEST hand recount of all the ballots with one Republican observer per counting table.

Recount numbers must be made public.

All absentee ballot honor envelope signatures need to be matched to the signature on the voter registration and non-matching ballots thrown out and if the ballot can not be traced to it’s honor envelope anymore because of the APPALLING ballot handling and envelope handling in Georgia then absentees need to be thrown out.

The signature matching used in Georgia was GUTTED by Brad Raffensperger’s deal with Democrats and rejectiond rate dropped from 3.5% to 0.3% because it was made to require 3 clerks for each rejected signature and because Raffensberger agreed that if the signature on the absentee ballot does NOT match voter registration it is matched to the absentee ballot application signature so one could get absentee ballot in Georgia with a signature that was different from the voter registration signature. This enabled massive absentee ballot election fraud by Democrats.

“no excuse” absentee ballots need to be removed from the Georgia system and the absentee ballot application must from now have a signature that matches the voter registration signature and ID needs to be required for each absentee ballot application before absentee ballot is sent out.

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