Nearly 10,000 dead people voted with absentee ballots in Michigan, this means that Michigan signature verification for absentee ballots has been corrupted and Democrats committed absentee ballot election fraud on large scale!

Here is some proof of ELECTION FRAUD in Michigan:

Almost 10,000 dead people voted absentee in Michigan and @fleccas on twitter found this out just by inputting dead people in Michigan into the Michigan voter website to check whether they had voted absentee and noticed that:

Almost 10,000 dead people had voted by absentee ballot in Michigan and here is his tweet:

Here is a direct link to the list of almost 10,000 dead people voting by absentee ballot in Michigan:

Here is a video of 1000 dead people voting in Michigan in the 2020 elections checked on the MI election website as having aplied for absentee ballot, having gotten it and then having returned it and voted (credit to @fleccas) , please pause the video when you want to see individual details:

Here is a link to the video on Rumble if the embedded video does not work for you:

What did NY Times do when the reports of dead people voting in Michigan by absentee ballot started spreading?

Instead of investigating the issue NY times tried to kill the story with a FAKE factcheck and @fleccas responded:

Then @fleccas published the almost 10,000 dead people’s list who registered for absentee ballots in Michigan and got absentee ballots and returned those ballots and MI election website showed them as accepted so they PASSED signature verification and were counted. That tweet is the first @fleccas tweet in this article.

What did CNN do when a list of almost 10,000 dead people who voted by absentee started in Michigan started spreading?

CNN did NOT investigate it, instead CNN made a FAKE factcheck to brainwash people to believe that NO dead people were voting in Michigan as follows:

  1. CNN found some random FB users list of 14k people
  2. Checked 50 people from that list and none of those 50 people were dead people who voted from that DIFFERENT LIST
  3. CNN claimed that NO dead people voted in Michigan based on this checking of 50 people from a DFIFFRENT LIST.

Here is a CNN reporter who will be known as fake news reporter tweeting about CNN’s FAKE factcheck just used to brainwash people (including apparently Republican politicians that there was NO election fraud):

So NEVER EVER believe anything CNN reports. CNN is propaganda and FAKE NEWS and CNN “journalists” are comparable to those North Korean “journalists” who cheer Kim Jong-Un and those Russian “journalists” who cheer Putin and those Chinese journalists who cheer Xi.

@fleccas tweeted his 10k list of dead people who voted to the same CNN “reporter” and CNN did NOT look at it instead CNN continued BRAINWASHING Americans and apparently even members of the Republican party that “there is NO election fraud”.

Here is @fleccas tweet to CNN:

Here is another @fleccas tweet to CNN:

Here is a 3rd @fleccas tweet to CNN:

Here is @fleccas 4th tweet to CNN that included the video of 1000 dead people who voted and them voting confirmed from MI election website and then their obituaries:

It is clear that CNN is NOT a news organization. CNN is FAKE NEWS, propaganda and brainwashing and unfortunately even some Republicans have been brainwashed.

Part of the reason for the video 1000 dead people who voted in Michigan video with their voting records and obituaries was likely the thought that maybe the Democrat Secretary of state in Michigan would start hiding the proof of Democrats absentee ballot election fraud by deleting the voting records of those almost 10,000 dead people from the election website. Each of those votes is a FELONY.

So the video has 1000 DEAD people who voted in Michigan and altogether at least nearly 10,000 dead people voted in Michigan.

How is this possible since dead people obviously can NOT vote?

It is quite simple:

1. Democrat officials keep dead people on the voter rolls so Democrat operatives can apply for absentee ballots in Michigan and other states using these dead people’s voter registrations and ask for the absentee ballots to be delivered to some other address than the dead people’s address.
(Most states allow absentee ballots to be requested to some other address than the registered voters address).

But how can the Democrat operatives get these absentee ballots?

It is simple. The Democrats have the registered voter’s lists and pick from there all the dead people and use their voter registration info (name, address) on the absentee ballot application and then input whatever else the state requires like birthdate which can be gotten from public records and some states ask for more things like fathers name or mothers maiden name which can be also gotten from public records.

Then they sign the absentee ballot application with the dead person’s name in the Democrat operatives own handwriting and put the ballot application in the mail (some states allow absentee ballot requests by email so even the signature is NOT required, just a free email account from somewhere).

But how oh how do the states send the absentee ballots after receiving the absentee ballot application when the signature does NOT match the dead persons signature on the voter registration?

Easy, there is CONTROL FRAUD by Democrats running the election systems so in states that should have signature verification on the absentee ballot application BEFORE absentee ballot is sent by law the Secretary of State makes rules that lead to such tight timetable requirements that there is no time to check signatures (especially when Democrat operatives flood the system with lots of absentee ballot applications by dead people at the same times that Democrat controlled organizations also flood the system with legitimate absentee ballot applications they have gotten through their campaigns) when turnaround time required by Democrat Secretary of State is 24-48 hours from receiving the absentee ballot application or Secretary of State instructs the clerks to NOT really check signatures (usually some “pending litigation” by Democrat Party of Democrat controlled organizations is used as an excuse to do this like the Michigan Secretary of state did) and some states have NO requirement to check the signatures on the absentee ballot applications before sending absentee ballots and some like AZ accept the absentee ballot applications thru email with no signature needed.

There are also corrupted Democrat clerks in some counties with total Democrat domination who think that they are supposed to work for their team Democrats and not check the signatures even when there is a Republican Secretary of State.

Since the County is Democrat run and State level Republicans are usually foolish like in Georgia what is there to stop them, media always says that “there is NO election fraud” and FBI and DOJ say the same and do NOT investigate anything so how would they get caught?

But surely, surely when the Democrat operatives return the dead people’s absentee ballots through mail or dropping them into drop boxes there must, must be checks and signature verification and these fraudulent ballots must be stopped in the signature verification and NOT counted?

LOL, you think Democrats apply for 10,000 dead people’s absentee ballots just for fun and return them to get nothing?

Of course there is CONTROL FRAUD also when the absentee ballots are received and the Democrat secretary of state can make orders that they must be accepted even with not quite so matching signatures again using “pending litigation” as the reason since Democrats are always eager to sue to make election fraud and especially absentee ballot election fraud easier, in some states like Georgia Republicans like Raffensperger actually AGREED to the Democrats lawsuit demands that IF the signature on the absentee ballot does NOT match voter registration signature the absentee ballot envelope signature must be checked against the signature on the absentee ballot application (you know the fraudulent ones) and if it matches then it is accepted.
Raffensperger also tied clerks hands behind their backs and made rejecting non-matching signatures so onerous (even when they did NOT match either the voter registration signature OR the fraudulent absentee ballot application) that 3 clerks were needed for each rejected signature and this only led to a cure process which brought more work for the clerks instead of disqualification of the ballot.

There are also corrupt clerks in Democrat dominated counties who are again working for their “team” Democrats and accept signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes that do NOT match to the voter registration signatures.

But what about Republicans?
Surely they have observers?

LOL, as you have seen if you have been paying attention Republican observers can be shut out of the process, kept at 25 feet or 6 feet, harassed, insulted, locked out and the local police just threaten to arrest the Republican observers if they complain and refuse to do anything and when Republican observers complain to supervisors in the counting place they just shrug and do nothing about the harassment or the wrongdoing, fraud and irregularities.

Also in some totally Democrat dominated cities like Philly the Republicans jobs depend on the Democrat machine so they will come out and say there was NO fraud and everything went fine when their Democrat bosses tell them to do that.

FBI and DOJ officials sit in their offices and Barr keeps talking something that sounds nice and write’s a letter and that is enough work for AG Bill Barr.

In Michigan also the state legislature that is Republican controlled was for some reason hoodwinked to pass a law specifically ONLY for the 2020 election that allowed pre-processing of absentee ballots to start a day before election (like you know signature checks) if a county with over 25,000 people applied for it and Democrat officials named special people to do that instead of regular clerks and the one day early start dropped most of the Republican observers out of the loop and there was almost nobody to even harass.

So since dead people can apply, get and return absentee ballots that are counted in Michigan and other states how about other types of absentee ballot election fraud?:

There are those who have moved out of state but are still on the voter rolls and these are used by Democrats also to apply for absentee ballots using their voter registration, ask for delivery of absentee ballot in some other address than the registered voters address, filled out by Democrat operatives and sent to be counted through the same corrupt system where signature verifications have been crippled as described above.

5.B. There are also people who still live in the state but who usually do NOT vote and Democrats use these people’s voter registrations too.
Fill out the absentee application using their details, request delivery to some other address than the registered voter’s address (so they notice NOTHING if they do not vote) and fill out votes for Biden and then send to be counted and have them counted even when the signature does not match using the same corrupted system as described above.
Worst part:
If the usually not active voter decides to come to vote for Trump they are told in the voting place that they have submitted an absentee ballot already. When they say NO I have NOT they are told “maybe it is a glitch” and given a provisional ballot and they fill that out and think they voted. But since the fraudulent absentee ballot with the NOT matching signature has already been or will be “signature verified” it is that one that will be counted and the provisional ballot will be tossed and NEVER counted.

Special shout out for innovation in enabling absentee ballot election fraud goes to Maricopa County in Arizona where the Democrat officials have invented a genius way of getting fraudulent absentee ballots with signatures that do NOT match the voter registration signature accepted and counted -> they have a voicemail for “signature verification”where the Democrat operatives can call and say the voter’s name whose voter registration they stole to fraudulently request an absentee ballot and cast fraudulent vote with that absentee ballot and NO SIGNATURE IS NEEDED in the “Maricopa County Special” “signature verification” instead just saying the voter’s name in the voicemail and some detail is enough like mother’s maiden name or state or country of birth etc. all things which are available from public records.

If Detroit, Milwaukee, Philly and Atlanta would not be so full of absentee ballot election fraud in my opinion Maricopa County should be declared the absentee ballot election fraud capital.

The funnies part is that the elections official who invented this way to do “signature verification” which enables absentee ballot election fraud told about it in the Board of Supervisors meeting that certitifed the Maricopa county election results and NOBODY on the board of supervisors in Maricopa noticed that the system is AGAINST black letter Arizona law.

How could Democrat operatives commit absentee ballot election fraud in Michigan?

First step is always that Democrats or Democrat controlled organizations start a lawsuit against the Secretary of State and demand that elections must be made less secure and safeguards that stop election fraud need to be removed and in Michigan’s case Priorities USA sued Michigan Secretary of State Democrat Jocelyn Benson on 12/30/19 after Priorities USA had found one person whose signature had NOT been accepted and used this person as the sob story. The Priorities USA lawsuit demanded that absentee ballot applications and absentee ballots must no longer be rejected based solely on signature mismatch “Rejecting absentee ballots, as well as denying absentee ballot applications, based solely on an alleged signature mismatch does not serve any legitimate, let alone compelling, state interest”

The lawsuit:

Second Step was part of a choreographed dance that has happened in several states in addition to Michigan where a Democrat Secretary of State immediately DESTROYS signature verification in response to a PENDING lawsuit:

In early 2020 in response to the pending lawsuit Michigan Secretary of State Democrat Jocelyn Benson made NEW rules on signature verification guidelines and clerks were ordered to follow from then on these new rules:

Signature Review
Signature review begins with the presumption that the voter’s AV application or envelope signature is his or her genuine signature.

  1. If there are any redeeming qualities in the AV application or return envelope signature as compared to the signature on file, treat the signature as valid. Redeeming qualities may include
    but are not limited
    to similar distinctive flourishes, more matching features than nonmatching features, and Examples 1-5 in the chart below.
  2. A voter’s signature should be considered questionable only if it differs in multiple, significant and obvious respects from the signature on file. Slight dissimilarities should be resolved in favor
    of the voter whenever possible.


it is not necessary for the voter’s signature to perfectly match the signature on file. Clerks should presume that a voter’s AV application or envelope signature is his or her genuine signature, as there are several acceptable reasons that may cause an apparent mismatch.

Here is Democrat Jocelyn Benson’s ORDER that DESTROYED signature verification in Michigan for absentee ballot applications and absentee ballots that were returned and the document includes many other reasons in addition to the ones I quoted why it is OK that signatures do NOT match voter registration signature and both absentee ballot applications and absentee ballots MUST be still accepted despite signature NOT matching:

Third Step is Democrat operatives and activists using the totally destroyed signature verification to commit absentee ballot election fraud on a large scale so Democrats get the MI voter’s lists from State of Michigan for 22.50 dollars (for some reason after 10k dead people who were found to have voted in Michigan through absentee ballots were found by @fleccas Michigan has removed the page to order the MI voter’s list) or Democrat fraudsters can order it from Emerges for 350 dollars or slight higher for Quantum Version that includes birthdates:–Standard-Unenhanced-Version_p_105.html

Fourth Step is to look for the dead people on the voter’s list or people who have moved out of Michigan since they are still on the voter’s list and can be used to commit absentee ballot election fraud without any chance they would turn out to vote in person so the likelihood of absentee election fraud being found out is zero. If Democrat Secretary of State is nice they give those names who are on the voter’s list but are dead or have moved out of state to Democrat activists so the absentee ballot election fraud is even easier.

If a huge absentee ballot election fraud is needed like in 2020 then Democrats also look for people who rarely vote and use their voter registrations too to request absentee ballots and vote for Democrat Presidential Candidate and Democrat Senate and House Candidates, The danger in this option is that if they turn up to vote in person but Democrats have already voted by absentee using their voter registration. Luckily Secretary of State can just instruct poll workers to say “there must be a glitch” and given them provisional ballots and if the real voters would happen to vote for Trump with the provisional it just means less votes for Trump since the provisionals are tossed and never counted because Democrats have gotten the absentee ballots through the signature verification process that was destroyed earlier by Democrat Secretary of State.

Fifth Step is to download absentee ballot application PDF from MI website and start filling and printing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of copies depending how many fraudulent absentee ballots Democrats plan to cast and how large group of voters they have chosen from the registered voters list whose voter registrations Democrats plan to fraudulently use to apply for absentee ballots and vote for Biden and Democrats with those absentee ballots.

Absentee ballot application PDF in fillable version:

Democrats already have everything needed to fill out the absentee ballot application so they just copy the registered voters name, last name, address (street address, city, zip), county, jurisdiction and year of birth into the fillable pdf and then comes the most important point the Democrat fraudsters fill out the address where they want the absentee ballot to be delivered in point 4 and this can be a rented apartments by the fraudsters that is used to receive lots of absentee ballots per apartment, Democrat actitivists home addresses who are in on the absentee ballot election fraud, apartment building that has such system that mail is accessible so just put no apartment number on the address and activists can pick the absentee ballot from there, use hotels, use PO Boxes disguised as addresses etc. then print and sign (signatures do NOT have to match thanks to Democrat Secretary of States order) so just sign the voter’s name in any handwriting they want and then mail the absentee ballot applications.

Some states ask for more info then Michigan but all the info can be bought once the voter’s whose voter registrations have been chosen from voters lists whose voter registrations will be used to commit absentee ballot election fraud. MI was one of many states where absentee ballot election fraud was done by Democrats. Here is one such website:

Advanced Person Search PLUS – NEW!

The new Advanced Person Search Plus in IRBfocus is the best way to initiate a search on any given subject. It offers a comprehensive address summary, along with social security number, names, date of birth, driver’s licenses, email addresses, phone numbers, and relatives.

Seventh Step is to receive the absentee ballots and then vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat who was running against Republican John James in MI for the Senate seat and for the Democrat in the House race too and then sign the absentee ballot envelopes (signatures do NOT have to match thanks to Democrat Secretary of States order) and either mail the absentee ballots or drop in batches of 100-500 to different drop boxes and wait for Joe Biden and Democrat to win.

Eight Step is just laughing when media claims there is NO election fraud and when NYT and CNN do FAKE propaganda factchecks as explained above and claim NO dead people voted even when tweeted a list of 10k dead people voting. It is also NICE that Twitter and Facebook just DELETE many users accounts who report facts about the absentee ballot election fraud and even fairly visible Twitter users like @fleccas get shadow-banned so the list of 10k dead people voting in Michigan got -90% less visibility on Twitter than @fleccas other tweets.

Ninth Step is LAUGHING at the Republicans who are too scared and weak to do anything about the BLATANT absentee ballot election fraud and many Republicans actually show they have NOT LEARNED ANYTHING despite media LYING about Trump for 5 years now and still many Republicans are like naive idiots and believe the CNN/NYT and other mainstream media brainwashing that “there is NO evidence of election fraud” and later when some proof gets through despite total mainstream media blackout of election fraud proof and despite media doing total PROPAGANDA factchecks full of LIES claiming there is NO PROOF by doing fraudulent factchecks factchecking something different than the posted proof as explained above (NYT/CNN) and account deletions and shadow bans by Facebook and Twitter when one posts proof then media switches to “There is NO proof of WIDESPREAD election fraud” and Republicans clap their hands like helpless seals in a circus and do the Fred Upton’s aka go on CNN and other channels and say “I have NOT seen ANY PROOF”. Well of course you have NOT seen any proof because YOU have NOT looked and instead you have just sat on your couch watching CNN and even Fox that has turned into CNN clone and getting BRAINWASHED “NO proof, NO proof”

Tenth Step is Democrats destroying evidence of their election fraud. Michigan Secretary of state has already wiped many records. Previously MI election website showed every dead person’s voter record on @fleccas list and that they had voted and I checked hundreds and hundreds and confirmed they had voted but now when I checked many records had been removed and the website showed their voter registration still but not their absentee ballot application and return dates and status.

Some states have allegedly destroyed absentee ballot envelopes to make signature matching impossible so the amount of absentee ballot election fraud can not be known whether it was 50k-100k-200k depending on state.

If you Republicans ALLOW Democrats to STEAL this presidential election that will be the end of USA because Democrats WILL WIN BOTH Georgia Run-offs because Raffensperger is allowing new people to register all the time to vote in the run-offs because he is NOT doing anything (despite GA law LIMITING run-off voters to those who were registered for the general election before the run-off) and Democrat run counties will let these newly registered people to vote in the Jan 5th run-offs and after the absentee ballots have been separated from envelopes Republicans will NOT do ANYTHING despite Fulton County and other Democrat run counties in Georgia having new people registered all the time from inside GA and from people who move to GA just to vote and Fulton County has about 100% voting age people already registered to vote compared to Census because so many out of state Democrats are “moving” there and plan to vote. All the fraud as described in this post about Democrats using registered voters voter info to fraudulently request absentee ballots and then vote in Michigan was done in Georgia in Nov 3th election too and will be done Jan 5th too.

If you let this Democrat absentee ballot election fraud happen EVERYONE who did NOT fight against the election fraud by Democrat with all they got WILL be primaried and permanently destroy their chances to get to Senate or House EVER. You should be fighting against Democrats election fraud because you love USA and some of you are doing it but for the brainwashed aka Fred Upton’s of the world YOU NEED TO WAKE UP. This is NOT a game, Democrats will destroy USA with ending filibuster completely, Supreme Court Packing, guarantee total control of Senate by making Puerto Rico and Washington DC states, mandate “no excuse” absentee ballots or mail-in ballots for all states and prevent signature verification in whole of USa instead of the current state by state playbook and Democrats will give amnesty and US citizenship to all ILLEGAL immigrants and since there are 29.5 million ILLEGAL immigrants in USA according to MIT-Yale study this will mean 29.5 million new Democrat voters and permanent control of the house and presidency for Democrats and this will lead to AOC and even crazier people now rising through Democrat ranks but not yet elected getting total control of Democrats and USA. Say goodbye to EVERYTHING you love in USA because everything will be destroyed by Democrats unless you Republicans FIGHT against election fraud RIGHT NOW

This video and everything I wrote is dedicated to Michigan Republican Fred Upton who went on CNN 22th of November and said:
“no one has come up with any evidence of fraud” and “there is no issues of fraud anywhere” and attacked Trump.

This blog post is Dedicated to Republican Fred Upton from Michigan who went on CNN yesterday and stabbed Trump and every Trump supporter and Republican voter and Republican politician in the back by telling CNN that “no one has come up with any evidence of fraud” and “there is no issues of fraud anywhere”:

Fred Upton must be watching only CNN and reading news from those same medias that have LIED, LIED, LIED about Trump day after day and attacked Trump day after day with more horrific insult and attack after another for FIVE YEARS.

If Fred Upton had a clue he might have clued on to the fact that media HATES Trump and LIES about Trump so when there IS EVIDENCE of election fraud benefiting Democrats and Joe Biden they are NOT going to report it and they are instead going to put out fake factchecks full of LIES trying to LIE enough so nobody is looking for evidence of fraud and instead some sheep get so brainwashed that they become Fred Upton’s of the world.

Fred Upton must have also been in coma for the last 4 years while Hillary Clinton has been saying that Trump is an “illegitimate” president and Democrats have been going insane with their Russia, Russia, Russia collusion fever dreams and Al Gore contested Florida until middle of December and Democrats were vicious in attacking Bush so maybe just maybe Fred Upton should think what he says and allow Trump to use all the options available since you know there MIGHT be evidence of absentee ballot election fraud by Democrats like this post and like many users on twitter whose findings have been hush-hushed by the media.

Please support @fleccas and follow him on twitter.

Republicans: YOU better find a spine and USE that spine and STOP being BRAINWASHED by CNN like Fred Upton has been.

If the absentee ballot election fraud is NOT stopped NOW then Democrats will win both run-offs on January 5th, get the Senate with VP Harris as tiebreaker and have House, Presidency and Senate and end filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, make Puerto Rico and Washington DC states to make sure Senate will be FOREVER controlled by Democrats and enshrine into law all the absentee ballot election fraud they committed in 2020 so nothing else is on the line than losing USA permanently and Republican party being destroyed by Democrats and Republican party destroying itself with the Fred Upton’s of Republicans and if USA goes to extremists in the Democrats then the whole world goes with it and there will no longer be a beacon of freedom but some Sandersian/AOC:ian socialist hellhole where abortions are on demand up to 9 months and guns are confiscated and freedom of speech is dead and Americans are treated like dirt and globalists and marxists/socialists/communists/antifa/Blm rule and there will become many from among the Democrats who will make Sanders and AOC look like reasonable people and at the end of the road is Venezuela, China, Russia situation inside USA with no rights and Biden also promised amnesty and US citizenship to all ILLEGAL immigrants of which there are 29.5 million in USA currently according to MIT-Yale and the amnesty will attract tens of millions more.

If you want to now how secure elections look on the upper right corner and those thing MUST be done next year. However NOW the option is either for the legislature to decide to give electoral college electors to Trump or do NOT give them to anybody. The surer way is to given them to Trump. Then investigate EVERY absentee ballot application and envelope and have law enforcement go visit all the addresses that are NOT voter’s registered address and where absentee ballots were ordered to and signature on the application did NOT match voter registration signature

Man who is ready to lose his country to get some nice words from CNN by attacking Trump is not a man, he is a fool.

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