Pennsylvania Democrat Secretary of State REMOVED signature matching from mail-in/absentee ballots and enabled mail-in ballot election fraud by Democrats

This is an article looking into HOW Democrats STEAL elections through making mail-in/absentee ballot election fraud easier and this article concentrates on Pennsylvania but I have already written articles about how Democrats stole the election in AZ, GA, MI so after reading this article please read those articles too on FactCheckReview.

First step: is always legislative if there is a Democrat controlled state legislature then election laws are loosened so election fraud and especially absentee (or mail-in) ballot election fraud is easier. Democrats also try to push law changes in Republican controlled states and some Republicans fall for the Democrats talk and pass those laws Democrats want despite Republicans controlling the state legislature.

This happened in Pennsylvania too and I will consider writing an article in the future how many Republicans together with Democrats passed Act 77 in 2019 precisely on October 31st 2019 which created mail-in voting in Pennsylvania. This was months and months BEFORE Covid started in China so the law creating mail-in voting in Pennsylvania was passed just because some Republicans are naive and want to please Democrats. Once Republicans are hoodwinked by Democrats to pass laws that make election fraud easier Democrats will fight tooth and nail to not make any fixes to the laws that is why Republicans should have NEVER passed Act 77.

These Republicans will all be named if I decide to write that article so that all American voters and especially Pennsylvania voters will know who is responsible for creating mail-in voting in Pennsylvania despite Pennsylvania already having a working absentee ballot system.

The law left the absentee ballot system in place and ADDED a completely new mail-in ballot system and turned the whole election system on it’s head so that absentee ballot system stayed as is but ANYBODY who did NOT qualify for absentee ballots could get this new category of mail-in ballots.

This law made it possible for Democrat Secretary of State in Pennsylvania to enable large scale mail-in ballot election fraud with her unilateral decision that mail-in/absentee ballot signatures would NO longer be verified and compared to the voter registration signature and that the Republican controlled Pennsylvania legislature failed to stop despite being able to do so.

Second Step: After the law making absentee/mail-in voting easier is in place it is time for either Democrats directly or Democrat party controlled “non-partisan” organizations to start lawsuits since after the law that has been passed has made absentee/mail-in voting easier and therefore made election fraud easier Democrats will totally destroy election security and enable large scale election fraud through lawsuits and in Pennsylvania’s case the lawsuit was started by League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh 7th of August 2020.

Here is the lawsuit:

Democrats are masters in using Women’s organizations and Black and Minority organizations to advance the Democrat Party agenda which is on it’s facade for the benefit of these groups but actual Democrat Party policy is always what Wall Street, Billionaires, Big Corporations etc want and Democrat party just uses women and blacks and minorities to advance Democrat Party plutocrat/globalist/billionaire agenda which hurts the groups Democrats claim to defend.

Because Republicans are always worried that Democrats and especially Democrat activists would start insulting and defaming Republicans and calling Republicans names that leads to Republicans to usually hide and stay paralyzed like happened in Pennsylvania.

Democrats specialty in these lawsuits is always to include a couple of people in the lawsuit who are the victims Democrats need to be able to parade around in front of media if sob stories are needed and this lawsuit had a couple of people who were used by Democrats.

Third Step:This is the step where Democrat official like Pennsylvania Secretary of State uses the pending lawsuit as justification to completely sabotage safeguards against election fraud using the pending lawsuit as excuse. Steps two and three are a choreographed dance by Democrats and happened in different forms in many states before 2020 election.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar sent an ORDER that signatures on mail-in ballots and absentee ballots can NOT be verified against voter registration signatures and NO mail-in ballots or absentee ballots can be REJECTED because of signature not matching the voter registration signature. This order was sent 11th of September 2020 and the relevant part is as follows:

The Pennsylvania Election Code does not authorize the county board of elections to set aside returned absentee or mail-in ballots based solely on signature analysis by the county board of elections.

Here is the whole document:

The Democrat Secretary of State by making that document ENABLED mail-in ballot election fraud and absentee ballot election fraud.

She did NOT sign that order but instead left the “Author” space BLANK.

While Democrats were sweet talking and scamming Republicans to pass Act 77 they did what Democrats usually do when passing laws that contain loopholes and wrote parts of the law in a way that made it seem there was signature verification but in the end there was NO signature verification in that law.

Here are the two parts where Democrats cheated and made a mockery of Pennsylvania Republicans who supported and voted for Act 77:

Section 1302.2-D.  Approval of application for mail-in ballot.

(a)  Approval process.–The county board of elections, upon receipt of any application of a qualified elector under section 1301-D, shall determine the qualifications of the applicant by verifying the proof of identification and comparing the information provided on the application with the information contained on the applicant’s permanent registration card. The following shall apply:

(1)  If the board is satisfied that the applicant is qualified to receive an official mail-in ballot, the application shall be marked “approved.”

Did you notice the sleight of hand by Democrats and humiliating of Pennsylvania Republicans by Democrats?

A. There is NO word signature there so before sending mail-in ballots the INFORMATION provided on the mail-in ballot application was compared so the signature could be anything and NOT match at all because Democrats scammed Pennsylvania Republicans completely when sweet talking them into passing that law.

B. But there is the words “verify the proof of identification” in there surely that must mean they checked ID? LOL.

Pennsylvania Republicans must have been mocked behind their backs by Democrats ever since that law passed because “proof of identification” is specified in the law as follows:

(z.5)  The words “proof of identification” shall mean:

(3)  For a qualified absentee elector under section 1301 or aqualified mail-in elector under section 1301-D:

(i)  in the case of an elector who has been issued a current and valid driver’s license, the elector’s driver’s license number;

(ii)  in the case of an elector who has not been issued a current and valid driver’s license, the last four digits of the elector’s Social Security number;

(iii)  in the case of an elector who has a religious objection to being photographed, a copy of a document that satisfies paragraph (1); or

(iv)  in the case of an elector who has not been issued a current and valid driver’s license or Social Security number, a copy of a document that satisfies paragraph (2).

So according to the law that Republican controlled Pennsylvania legislature passed “proof of identification” is driver’s license number or last 4 digits of Social Security number. Maybe those Pennsylvania Republicans have not heard that SSN’s can be gotten really easily from several companies just by purchasing them. Also driver’s license numbers can be gotten almost as easily. More about this when I explain how the mail-in ballot election fraud was done by Democrats later in this post.

Here is the whole INSANE law that REPUBLICAN controlled Pennsylvania legislature passed:

There is NOWHERE in that law requirement to VERIFY that the signature on the mail-in ballot envelopes matches to the voter registration signature BEFORE mail-in ballots are counted! So as much as it hurts me to say this the Order from Democrat Secretary of State that enabled mail-in ballot election fraud was within her powers although it is morally wrong and spits in every Pennsylvanians face and on every Republicans face.

Let’s look at Bookvar’s order again and pick one point from there:

Before sending the ballot to the applicant, the county board of elections confirms the qualifications of the applicant by verifying the proof of identification and comparing the information provided on the application with the information contained in the voter record.

Proof of identification as explained earlier is last 4-digits of SSN or driver’s license number so easy to get if you are determined to win presidency like Democrats were to pass all their crazy promises like amnesty and US citizenship to all ILLEGAL immigrants in USA which number around 30 million according to MIT-Yale study and pack the Supreme Court, end Filibuster and make PR and DC states so Democrats have permanent control of Senate.

“comparing the information provided on the application” is again just information as in 1302.2-D. and NOT a signature or a verified signature or order mandating signature matching BECAUSE you Pennsylvania Republicans did NOT demand that these be WRITTEN INTO THE LAW before you passed it. You should NEVER have passed mail-in voting but that is another story.

However there is ONE bright spot in Act 77 and it is this from Section 1302-D (this is DIFFERENT from section 1302.2-D):

(c)  Signature required.–Except as provided in subsection (d), the application of a qualified elector under section 1301-D for an official mail-in ballot in any primary or election shall be signed by the applicant.

So you put “shall be signed by the applicant” into 1302-D but the problem is that there is NO TEETH and NO order to VERIFY that the signature matches voter registration there.

Also 1302.2-D. does NOT say anything about signature so this is just appalling law writing that way and the fact 1302-D. says “shall be signed by the applicant” should have included TEETH like order to verify the signature to the voter registration signature however the bright spot is that “shall be signed by the applicant” COULD be used by you Republicans in control of Pennsylvania legislature to order an audit of ALL mail-in ballot applications to check out how many mail-in ballot applications have signatures that do NOT match voter registration signatures so you could find out how many FRAUDULENT mail-in ballot applications were received and from that how many FRAUDULENT mail-in ballots were cast either by checking records which mail-in ballots were marked received and also check the envelopes if they have not yet been destroyed by Democrats and this audit and signature verification must have Republican observer next to EVERY official verifying the signatures and comparing to voter registration signatures because it is clear many Democrat officials watched fraudulent mail-in ballot applications go through and and then received fraudulent mail-in ballots.

This audit would give justification to give Pennsylvania’s electors to Donald Trump and prevent you Republicans in Pennsylvania from being blamed for everything Biden, Kamala and Democrats do the next 4 years since Trump would be president and Biden and Kamala and Democrats could not fulfill their insane plans.

I know you tried to fix the complete mess you made with the 2019 law but NEVER trust a Democrat and Democrat Governor Wolf showed all of you the middle-finger by vetoing you attempt to fix the faulty law:

Secretary of State’s NO SIGNATURE VERIFICATION AT ALL for mail-in ballots and absentee ballots decision made a mockery of every Republican and fair elections and The Democrat secretary of State enabled election fraud through mail-in ballots:

Then PA Supreme Court also said NO to signature verification so the PA Supreme Court was involved in enabling mail-in ballot election fraud and Boockvar was in Court fighting to keep her order in force of NO signature verification of any kind and to enable mail-in ballot election fraud and she won:

“County boards of elections are prohibited from rejecting absentee or mail-in ballots based on signature comparison conducted by county election officials or employees, or as the result of third-party challenges based on signature analysis and comparisons,” the justices wrote.

If it was up to me I would give Pennsylvania’s electors to Trump after reading this article since finding out how many hundreds of thousands FRAUDULENT mail-in ballots Democrats passed through the system with NO signature verification might be impossible unless you just order the audit and signature verification I proposed earlier and when Democrats no doubt start a lawsuit it would be good to show to whole of USA how corrupt and criminal Democrats are with their mail-in/absentee election fraud.

Democrats and how they commit mail-in/absentee ballot election fraud:


Get registered voter’s list

PA Full Voter ExportAs provided by 25 Pa.C.S. Section 1404(b)(1) (relating to Public Information Lists), as well as the SURE Regulations at 4 Pa. Code Section 184.14(b) (relating to Public Information Lists), the Department of State will provide the Full Voter Export List to requestors.
This version of the Public Information List is a full export of all voters in the county and contains the following fields: voter ID number, name, sex, date of birth, date registered, status (i.e., active or inactive), date status last changed, party, residential address, mailing address, polling place, date last voted, all districts in which the voter votes (i.e., congressional, legislative, school district, etc.), voter history, and date the voter’s record was last changed.
The cost of the Full Voter Export list is 20.00. Upon successful payment an email will be sent to the provided email address.


From the registered voter’s list Democrats picked people who had moved out of state but who were still on the voter’s list and dead people still on the voter’s list and people who do not regularly vote and the list gives most of what is needed to use voter’s registration info to fraudulently apply for mail-in ballots using the voter’s voter registration like name, address, birthdate and then if the SSN and drivers license number is not included in the data then just head over to services that sell driver’s license numbers like:

What Can be Included in an MVR?

Your driving record includes 3 types of information: Record Holder info (name, date of birth, sex, current address, physical description), Driving License info (number, status, classification, date of issuance & expiration, restrictions) and the Driving history (points, DUIs, convictions, suspensions, fines, and revocations). Public driving records list information like speeding violations, DUI & DWI records, traffic convictions and more.

And Social Security numbers can be gotten from services like:

Advanced Person Search PLUS – NEW!

The new Advanced Person Search Plus in IRBfocus is the best way to initiate a search on any given subject. It offers a comprehensive address summary, along with social security number, names, date of birth, driver’s licenses, email addresses, phone numbers, and relatives.


OK, now Democrats have all the info needed to commit mail-in ballot election fraud on a massive scale.

Let’s start making mail-in ballot applications:

Fill out the info gotten from points 1 and 2 to their places for the registered voters whose voter registrations Democrats are fraudulently using to get mail-in ballots and phone and email are optional but maybe make a free email address on the voter’s name and sign the voter’s name with the Democrat operatives handwriting (NO signature checks at all in PA, aren’t Democrats nice, LOL) and the most IMPORTANT point is to remember to fill the “Where to mail ballot?” and Democrats can use whatever address they want so order to some BLM, Antifa, Democrat activists homes who are in on the mail-in ballot election fraud or have some Democrat operatives rent some apartments to receive lots of mail-in ballots or use apartment buildings and use an apartment number that does NOT exist or masquerade a PO Box address to look like an apartment address. No worries since media says “There is NO election fraud” and FBI and DOJ do NOT investigate anything and even some Republicans have been so BRAINWASHED by media that they believe there was NO election fraud since media does NOT report about anything and if some election fraud proof goes viral in the internet then NO worries because Twitter and Facebook will delete it and Google will NOT show it in Search Results and media can make a FAKE factcheck after the proof of election fraud has been deleted that it was just a rumor or lie and there is no truth to any election fraud claims.

When the Democrats use registered voter’s info to fraudulently apply for mail-in ballots (absentee ballots in other states) this is completely undetectable if they use those people’s voter registration info who have moved out of state or who have died and mail-in ballots are ordered to some other address than the registered voter address so Democrats use addresses they control like rented apartments or Antifa/BLM/Democrat activists homes or just use PO Boxes masquerading as apartment addresses or use apartment complex addresses but just do not put apartment number on it and since there are strict timetables how soon mail-in ballots or absentee ballots need to be sent they know when to go around getting the mail-in ballots. For those registered voters who still live in the state and are alive it is really nice to be able to order the mail-in or absentee ballots to an address that is different than the registered voter address so if the alive and in state registered voter does NOT vote they will NEVER even notice their voter registration has been used other than maybe years later and then it can be explained away as a glitch. However if the people whose voter registrations Democrats used turn up to vote then they might wonder why they are told they voted mail-in/absentee already but “it must be a glitch” is the explanation given and the voters think this themselves too since media says “There is NO election fraud” and since those voters have voted mail-in/absentee according to the system they are given a provisional and they vote and go home thinking they voted but when Democrat officials count the mail-in/absentee ballot that means the provisional is tossed and NEVER opened so another likely Trump vote deleted and never counted. Democrats pick those voter registrations who rarely vote so they are not likely to go vote so the reports about “I was told on election day that I had voted absentee but then I got a provisional ballot, some crazy glitch” stories stay at a minimum and FBI can sleep like a princess, DOJ can sleep like a princess and Bill Barr can sit in his office and NOT do anything and media keeps repeating “no proof of election fraud” while refusing to report about the proof and instead making FAKE factchecks claiming there is “NO election fraud” and everyone stays silent and lets Democrats steal USA and destroy Freedom and Free Speech and 2nd amendment and people just let it happen because too many still trust FAKE NEWS channels and medias despite them lying about Trump for 5+ years EVERY day.

4. Put the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots for Biden in the mail or into drop boxes and they get counted because NO signature verification. The longer the period of mail-in/absentee voting is the easier it is to cheat for Democrats since the longer the time the less people need to know it is happening because less people are needed to do it so chance for whistleblowers is minimized.

Isn’t it nice to be nice and try to work with Democrats and have them show the middle finger to Pennsylvania Republicans face while laughing and insulting Republicans?

Or maybe it is time to expose Democrats for the mail-in ballot election fraud committing criminals they are by AUDITING EVERYTHING and making sure that every signature that does NOT match to the voter registration signature leads to a criminal investigation and the addresses where mail-in ballots were ordered by Democrat fraudsters each get a visit from Police and the low level types start to flip and give up those higher up in the Democrat party and the Democrat Party reputation and brand is destroyed for the next 20 years so no more smugness from Democrats and hate from media towards Republicans since even media will have to admit there was election fraud and Democrats did it.

And Pennsylvania electoral College votes for Trump with the decision of Republican controlled Pennsylvania legislature.

Here is a some things from the audit report on the PA voter registration system done in 2019 that you might have missed:

24,408 cases where the same driver’s license number was listed on more than one voter record

13,913 potential duplicate cases

6876 potential DOB inaccuracies.

2991 records of potentially deceased voters

The Democrat officials fought against the audit and tried to stop it and refused to give many of the records the auditors requested so the above one is the tip of the iceberg

SURE processes and controls are not effective to ensure that the voter registration information is accurate.

Lack of cooperation by certain county offices and PENNdot, as well as source documents not being available for 70% of our test sample led to inability to form conclusions on the accuracy of the entire population of voter records maintained in the SURE system.

PENNdot is registering NON-US citizens to vote.

Here is the auditor’s report from 2019:

You should maybe read it?

It is clear from the report that Pennsylvania’s voter registration system is a total mess and Democrat officials were REFUSING to work with the auditors so Democrats could HIDE what kind of a mess it is.

If you do the right thing and STOP Democrats mail-in election fraud you will be heroes and if Trump becomes president by Pennsylvania giving their electoral college votes to trump you will have great careers in politics and gratitude from 74 million Americans.

If you try to please Democrats then Democrats will get just more obnoxious and commit more election fraud in the future and all the destruction Biden and Democrats will do within the next 4 years will be on your conscience and on your reputation and USA can really be lost forever thanks to Democrats plans to end filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, give PR and DC state status and get 4 more Democrat Senators guaranteeing permanent Democrat majority in the Senate and when Biden gives the amnesty and US citizenship to all ILLEGAL immigrants in the USA that number around 30 million according to MIT-Yale in 2018 that will mean total Democrat control for presidency and House for the next 100 years too and once Biden gives the amnesty tens of millions of new ILLEGAL immigrants will come to USA trying to get it.

Sometimes history calls for ordinary people to do great things and this is one of those times.

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