Wisconsin has NEVER audited all of their voting machines!!!

Huge revelation from Wisconsin Elections Commission meeting

Republican Dean Knudson asked to create a plan to audit all voting machines in the case that the extremely small partial audit of small number of voting machines shows discrepancies of 0.1% or larger in vote counts.

Democrat members got OUTRAGED at the idea and repeated that Wisconsin has NEVER, NEVER, NEVER audited all of the voting machines and tried to stop the idea from even being discussed.

Republican Robert Spindell supported Dean Knudson’s idea.

There was no decision made to do this even if discrepancies of 0.1% or larger are found in the small number of voting machine audits because of the furious opposition from Democrats.

It is insane that just a few percent of voting machines are audited. This is a DISGRACE.

ALL voting machines need to be audited before every election and after every election.

The situation is most likely the same in all US states.

Republican controlled state legislatures need to make sure all voting machines and tabulators are audited before and after elections.

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